Stem Mastering
Stem Mastering gives enhanced clarity and insight into your mix and allows for more control over the final balance of your master compared to the traditional stereo master. Stems are a grouped collection of audio tracks mixed into stereo audio files. The final stem master file will be produced as a 24bit 44.1kHz WAV file. Other bit depths and sample rates are easily accommodated.
Stem Mastering including 1 revision- $100AUD.

Preparing files for Stem Mastering

We require the following:
• Up to 10 summed stereo audio files (stems) of equal length that have been bounced/rendered from the beginning to the end of the track. Renders to be 24 or 32 bit and your preferred sample rate. Less stems are fine, various electronic tracks often only require 6-8 stems due to minimal instrumentation.
• A stereo mix of your song in its entirety for reference.
• You may also supply a commercially available reference track with production qualities you admire for our reference.

Recommended Stem groupings include:
• Kicks
• Snares and claps.
• Hi hats and cymbals
• Other drums and percussion
• Percussion
• Bass
• Lead Vocals
• Backing vocals
• Leads (synthesizer or guitars)
• Pads and strings
• Effects

NOTE: It is important you check your stems before sending. Place all stems into a blank DAW session along with the stereo mixdown reference and compare. The stems played together should sound identical to your stereo mixdown reference.

For multiple files please compress to zip. Use your preferred Cloud based file hosting service to transfer your files and email the download link to Dropbox, PCloud, Google Drive WeTransfer etc work well.