Track mixes are performed utilizing a mix of digital and analog processing. I can accept audio files or Ableton Project files. Tea Hauss Mixdowns take anywhere from 4-8 hours and include mix revisions.

I will supply a high quality mixdown file for you to evaluate in your own time. Mix revisions are supplied as needed. Once the mix is approved, I supply your mixdown/pre-master ready for mastering as a 24bit 96kHz file. Other formats are easily accommodated, just let me know when booking your mix. All services benefit from the supply of a (rough) guide mix/master (if available) and a commercially released reference track with production qualities you admire.
Mixdown including revisions $340AUD per song (up to 8 hours).

Preparing files for Mixing
All audio should be Rendered or Bounced out of your DAW as individual WAV or AIFF audio files at 24 or 32 bit and at your working sample rate. Make sure all audio files are rendered from the beginning to the end of the song. Ableton and Logic have excellent tools for rendering out all audio files for this particular purpose. If you get stuck or are unsure, please ask, I’m happy to help.

For multiple files please compress to zip. Use your preferred Cloud based file hosting service to transfer your files and email the download link to files@theteahauss.com. Dropbox, PCloud, Google Drive WeTransfer etc work well.