The Tea Hauss - Mixing & Mastering Studio

An Electronic Music specialist, I supply high quality mixdown and stem mastering services to enhance your music. As a Tea Hauss client, you will be given personalized service by someone that cares foremost about audio quality. By understanding your vision and listening to your requirements, I aim to give you the best possible audio fidelity at reasonable rates.


Track mixes are performed utilizing a mix of digital and analog processing. I can accept audio files or Ableton Project files. Tea Hauss Mixdowns take anywhere from 4-8 hours and include mix revisions.

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Stem Mastering gives enhanced clarity and insight into your mix and allows for more control over the final balance of your master compared to the traditional stereo master.

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Traditional stereo mastering

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Typically part of our Stem Mastering process, chose this option if you wish to hand the pre master file over to a mastering engineer.

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Adrian Whalland. As a producer, Adrian has amassed a large and varied catalogue of releases under a number of aliases including Lunabass, The Manuel Portio, Miles End, Kamuku & Atomitek with genres ranging from House and Disco to Drum & Bass. Over his 15-year career he has released on labels such as Large Music, Salted Music, MoodFunk, Blockhead, Bobbin’ Head, Beatdown, Safe Music, Guesthouse, Random Soul Recordings, Springbok, Good Stuff, Citate Forms, YesYes Records, Mullet Records & DeNote.

As an educator, Adrian runs a successful Electronic Music Production course with hundreds of past students including Sonny Fodera, Godlands, The House Inspectors, Benny Badge of Silver Linings & Krunk